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gardeningAll the equipment for your gardening needs.

Brush Cutter

Heavy duty trimmer


Petrol or electric available


Light pruning of taller limbs

Hedge Trimmer

Petrol unit.  600mm bar

Knapsack Spray

Back pack or shoulder pack sprayer

Lawn Aerator

Spiked roller

Lawn Leveller

Hand held smudge bar

Lawn Mower

Domestic unit with catcher

Lawn Roller

Rolling of new lawns or paths

Turf Cutter

Removing or harvesting turf in ready to roll strips

Leaf Blower

Petrol blower.  Can be used to vacuum.

Possum Trap

Will fit in roof cavity

Rotary Hoe

Heavy duty and lighter versions available

Seed / Fertilizer Spreader

Small push along unit

Stump Grinder

Removing or undercutting tree stumps and roots


We have a range of trolleys available


Builder's barrow

Wheelie Bin

240 ltr Poly bin

Wire Strainer

Wire fencing strainer

Shovel and Hand Tools

Pick, crowbar, axe.  We have a large range of hand tools