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Petrol demolition wet saw

Demo Saw Hire Melbourne

No matter your specific construction needs, requirements, or desires, you can trust the professional and fully-stocked team at Hire Depot to provide you with just about everything you need to get the job done. At Hire Depot we know that it makes more sense to hire certain types of equipment rather than to purchase expensive equipment for one-time or limited use.

Covering everything from direct construction equipment and machinery such as Bobcats and jackhammers, to support equipment including tarps and scaffolding, Hire Depot will provide you with the right equipment you need to complete your project without forcing you over budget. Supplied with diamond blades our Demolition Saws are capable of cutting through various types of concrete, masonry, bricks, or small quantities of steel.

Hire Depot has two types of petrol Demolition Saw and electric Demolition Saw to allow for your specific requirements. The specifications for each are listed below:

Demolition Saw 14" Petrol (Wet Saw)

Uses: Any cutting of concrete, masonry, bricks or small amounts of steel. Can be used dry with fibre blades if necessary.


Blade Diameter:


350mm 2 stroke petrol
Max Cutting Depth: Water Supply:
125mm Mains water req. on site
Weight: Transport:
14kg Car 

Demolition Saw 16" Petrol (Wet Saw)

petrol demolition saw

Uses: Deep cutting of concrete, masonry, bricks, etc.



400mm Diamond

Max Cutting Depth: 150mm
Weight: 13Kg
Power: 2 stroke petrol
Transport: Car

No matter your location in the metro area you can rely on Hire Depot to deliver demo saws for hire to you. Melbourne residents wanting to view our saws for themselves can visit either our Glen Iris or Fairfield locations today, or call 03 9885 4431 (Glen Iris) or 03 9499 9955 (Fairfield) to find out about the availability of our demo saws.