Walk behind concrete saw

A powerful push saw ensuring maximum productivity on big projects. Durable, easy to use and suitable for many applications, including cutting slabs, paving, crack chasing, road sawing, landscaping activities & footpath remediation. Highly versatile due to high output, compact size and good manoeuvrability.
Cutting of concrete and asphalt, especially larger cuts.

Blade DiameterMax Cutting DepthWeightPower
350mm or 500mm130mm or 190mm140kg+4 stroke unleaded petrol
Water Supply
Mains water or tank on saw
  • Deep cutting
  • Intuitive and ergonomic control panel
  • Easy adjustment of tracking for straight cuts
  • High efficiency
  • Adjustable and telescopic pointer
  • Blade guard with lockable hinge
  • Ute, van or trailer
  • Delivery available across Melbourne
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