Glass trolley - Nomad for Hire in Melbourne

The Nomad 400 glass trolley can used as a lift as well as for transporting, unloading, assembling and installing glass / windows. Nomad 400 is an easy-to-use lift designed for work on a construction site or in a warehouse and production hall, lifting sheets up to 4500m high and installing windows in most of the frames.

The glass can be unloaded directly from the van stand, transported and installed in the construction openings.


  • Transporting, positioning and holding in place small to large window frames and glass panels up to 400kg

  • All terrain wheels option for transport over rough or soft surfaces (reduces rating to 300kg)

  • Able to lift panel centre up to 750mm from ground level

Max load weight (hard wheels): Max load weight (terrain wheels): Max load dimensions: Machine width:
400kg 300kg 4500mm x 1500mm 838mm
Machine length: Vacuum cups: Total machine weight:
Adjustable 800mm to 2100mm 4 x 300mm suction cups 138kg (disassembles to 3 x 48kg pieces)
  • Option for hard or soft wheels to suit terrain (NOTE: wheel type affects weight rating)
  • Breaks down into three pieces for easy transport
  • Easy clip together assembly
  • Suction cup bracket rotates to assist in placing glass in the correct orientation
  • Short braces available for narrow access jobs
  • Side shift for side pocket glazing
  • Ute / trailer
  • Delivery (we deliver anywhere in Melbourne)
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