Tile elevator - HYTILE for Hire Melbourne


The light, easy-to-use electric Cable Hoist can be operated by one man or a gang. It can lift up to 15 tiles per load, is powered by a 3/4H.P. electric motor, and has a 12 volt control system.

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  • QUICK AND EFFICIENT lifting of roof tiles on and off of rooves at steep angles up to 75O
  • Can be used to lift other items up to 60kg
  • Available in 8.5m and 12.2m configurations
  • Vertical lift up to 11m with 12.2m configuration


  • Rapid-Return feature for faster loading – returns the trolley to the base at twice the speed it went up
  • Adjustable bend can easily be operated from the roof to bring load over the precipice
  • Base wheel brake – keeps the base unit still, no need to chock the wheels
  • Low voltage electrics for safety
  • Easy start – has a start toggle top and bottom making it extra easy to send the trolley on its way

  • Features:
    • Quick hitch
    • Dual pattern controls
    • Expanding tracks
    • Massive boom swing 50°/90°
    • Rubber tracks - low ground pressure
    • ROPS fold down for access
    • Trailer (Provided). Towing weight 2 ton
    • Delivery (We can deliver anywhere in Melbourne)
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