Excavator 860kg

Excavator 860kg for hire

Access through 680mm openings for:Trenching - footings, plumbing, excavations, pools or landscaping.
Specifications - 860kg:
WeightWidth - With cabWidth - Without cabBuckets
860kg740mm680mm230mm, 300mm, mud
FuelTravel SpeedDimensions
DieselUp to 4kphRefer attached diagram
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Ripper
  • Can pass through small openings (680mm) with cab removed (850kg model)
  • Boom slews full 90° in either direction
  • Light weight and rubber tracks
  • Fast travel speed option
  • Tracks expand for stability
  • Quick hitch - for buckets
  • Trailer (Provided). Towing weight 1400kg to 1650kg
  • Delivery (We can deliver anywhere in Melbourne)
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