Fixing, framing and T-Nailer for hire Melbourne

(Note: Hiredepot supplies a nitto fitting on all small pneumatic tools. If you're not hiring our compressor as well, you will need to provide an air fitting to suit your equipment.)
Fixing Gun
Uses: Use for attaching lightweight trim to various frames and surfaces. Nails: From 32mm to 65mm. Round head. Zinc coated.
Framing Gun
Uses: Heavy duty gun for all framing jobs. Nails: From 50mm to 90mm. Round head. Zinc coated.
Uses: Medium duty gun commonly used for flooring and weatherboards. Nails: From 38mm to 65mm. 'T' head. Zinc coated or galvanised.
  • Staples up to 50mm - normally 45mm.
  • Car.
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