Step Ladders for Hire Melbourne

Ladder Hire In Melbourne - same day delivery when order is placed before 2pm


Suitable for light-duty work only on level ground. (Refer to trestles if working with planks.)

Dimensions SWL
See Below. 120kg unless marked otherwise.
Refer to trestles if more weight required.
Heights Available (to top step):
  • 1.2m - width approx. 450mm, opening 1000mm
  • 1.8m - width approx. 550mm, opening 1200mm
  • 2.4m - width approx. 620mm, opening 1440mm
  • 3.0m - width approx. 760mm, opening 1990mm
  • 3.6m - width approx. 850mm, opening 2160mm
  • 4.2m - width approx. 870mm, opening 2530mm
  • Fibgreglass ladders available - up to 3.6m
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