Optical instrument for measuring angles between designated visible points. Designed for enhanced reliability in construction applications. Advanced features let contractors work faster and longer, improving productivity and increasing profitability. 

Establishing horizontal and sometimes vertical angles.
Ideal for surveyors and surveying work.

PrecisionDisplay resolutionDisplay unitsMagnification
2"1" or 5"DEG (360° 00’ 00”), GON (400), MIL (6400), V/%30x
Objective apertureMin. focusing distanceStadia multiplicationLaser plummet
45mm1.35m100/0 factor/constantVisible laser point
Plummet accuracyOperating temperatureWeightOperation period
1.5mm at 1.5m instrument height-20°C to +50°C4.5kg36hrs (without laser plummet)
  • 2” horizontal and vertical readout
  • Precision dual LCD panels with large, easy-to-read numbers
  • Vertical angle measuring provides three different options plus percentage of grade
  • Laser plummet
  • Once the (0) horizontal angle is determined, the T.O.2 emits an audible tone for each of the right angle directions
  • Beeping stops when the units come within ±1°
  • Rugged IP54 protection - water resistant, sealed construction
  • Front wheels – 10” semi-pneumatic
  • Rear wheels (8” solid rubber)
  • Fold down handles for easy transportation and storage
  • Car
  • Delivery available across Melbourne
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