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Acrow prop hire Melbourne

Acrow Prop and Needle Hire Melbourne
Have you been looking for a construction equipment hire company the you can trust? Your search is over thanks to the professional and reliable team at Hiredepot. As our name suggests we are Melbourne’s depot for high-quality equipment hire. All of our construction equipment is routinely inspected and tested in between hires to ensure that it adheres to Industry Safety and Operational Standards.At Hiredepot we aim to improve the efficiency of construction projects through our effective equipment. Able to temporarily support loads our selection of Acrow props are adjustable to differing heights based on the requirements and specifications of the operator. By offering comprehensive and competitively-priced Acrow prop hire to sites across Melbourne Hiredepot can ensure that your project continues without a hitch.Our exceptional Acrow props are available in a number of sizes, each capable of supporting different weights. The specifications of our range of Acrow props are listed below:
Propping of vertical loads including buildings, formwork, beams etc.
Prop SizeWeightClosedOpen Load Cap. ClosedLoad Cap. Open
No. 008kg640mm930mm30kN30kN
No. 012kg1100mm1900mm30kN18kN
No. 116.2kg1700mm2600mm24kN12kN
No. 218.9kg2000mm3000mm24kN11kN
No. 321.4kg2600mm3900mm15kN7kN
No. 429kg3300mm5000mm15kN4kN
  • According to length.

To speak to one of our professional and knowledgeable hire specialists about hiring one of our top-of-the-line Acrow props call us today on 03 9885 4431 for our Glen Iris location or on 03 9499 9955 for our Fairfield depot.

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