COVID-19 update


At Hiredepot we prioritise the safety of our staff and customers above all else. During these challenging and unprecedented times, we will continue to communicate with you so you remain aware of government restrictions as well as our individual movements. This includes what we are doing as a business to ensure we all remain protected and safe during the global coronavirus pandemic.

At this stage, construction and trade remains unaffected by the current social distancing measures implemented by the government.

Therefore, Hiredepot remains open for business and we will continue to operate our usual trading hours, so you receive the service and support you need, when you need it. Should our circumstances change, we will advise ASAP.

We have however implemented some changes and additional safety measures within our branch to limit physical contact in-store and on your job site. We trust this will give you peace of mind in these uncertain times.

We would also like to note that our staff will be adhering to self-quarantine where they are displaying any symptoms. Fortunately there are no COVID-19 cases amongst our staff at this time.

To ensure we maintain social distancing, we are now limiting the number of customers permitted in the branch at any given time. Entry and exit points for the showroom have been marked out within the branches and equipment demonstration may only be performed in the yard (not at vehicles).

GLEN IRIS: Maximum of 3 people permitted in showroom (2 being served, 1 waiting).

FAIRFIELD: Only 1 person permitted outside their vehicle at any given time.

• All equipment in the yard is wiped down regularly, including but not limited to control boxes, handles, switches and knobs (regular touch areas).
• All ‘regular touch’ areas are wiped down at time of unloading. Drivers will wipe down their equipment and yardsmen will wipe down customer equipment. Disinfectant spray and clean rags are being provided and easily accessible throughout the yard at all times.
• Cleans are being completed with disinfectant spray/clean rags provided.
• Dirtied rags are being disposed of in bins throughout the yards.

• All staff are practicing good hygiene and social distancing amongst each other and with customers.
• Disposable gloves have been provided and are used when touching un-sanitised surfaces.
• Social distancing measures are in place, including counter staff restricted to using their own work stations. If another staff member uses a counter staff’s workplace, disinfectant is applied afterwards and hands are washed.
• Only office staff are permitted behind the counter.
• Separate work areas have been set up in the workshop.
• Only one driver per vehicle. Regular touch areas wiped down after use.
• Drivers and yardsmen are respecting social distancing with customers, including contact-less greetings (no shaking hands), limiting items touched during drop off and pick up and wiping down items customers have touched before leaving the site.
• Once drivers have unloaded on site, all areas touched during the unloading process are wiped down.
• Before driver re-enters vehicle, hands are sanitised and cleans are performed with sanitiser and disinfectant spray.

• Customers must wash hands upon entry using the sanitiser provided. Sanitiser is also available for use when customers leave the branch.
• Items such as paperwork, pens, eftpos machine are limited to touch. Anything that is touched is disinfected immediately.
• Counter is cleaned using sanitiser and disinfectant spray regularly.


If at any time your sites are being forced to close or stop work, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements to look after your needs and secure our equipment.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this important matter. We will advise of further changes if necessary.

Please stay healthy and we look forward to continuing to work with you when service matters.